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Jeeps wranglers Gorilla glass is officially a thing!

How will this affect Jeep Owners?

If you are a Jeep Wrangler owner ranging from 2007-2022, you can now upgrade your to Corning's NEW Gorilla Glass covered by Mopars limited 2-year warranty. That's correct friends, Corning has made a thinner, stronger window that comes with a national warranty! Jeep Wrangler windshields are prone to cracks, leading to pricey out of pocket costs and frequent insurance claims. This warranty is likely to reduce claims out of pocket costs and the number of times will replace your windshield in the future.

What is and isn't covered?

Mopar's 2-year limited warranty is pretty straight forward when it comes right down to it. Mopar will cover costs to replace your damaged windshield one time in a 2-year period of time. The warranty states clearly that it covers replacement for damages from pebbles and small road debris. However, it does not cover damages from accidents, large debris, falling objects, or natural acts of God. The damages described in their warranty resembles ROLAGS definition of what's reapirable.

What you'll need for the warranty.

Having your windshield replaced under Mopars warranty is simple if prepared. The two things you're going to need is the Proof of Purchase for your dealer glass, and your invoice from the auto glass shop. Both forms should clearly state the date, VIN#, and possibly mileage. With these two forms, you can initiate the warranty and have your glass replaced by the shop of your choice. Once you've started the claim process your dealership will issue glass to the shop for installation. After your glass shop has returned the used part to the dealership, the dealership will issue payment for labor and shop materials.

A quick warning about Original Equipment parts vs aftermarket parts.

Corning's Gorilla glass for JK & JL model Jeeps is available as an OE and aftermarket part. These parts are exactly the same with one major difference, THE NON DEALER PART HAS NO WARRANTY! The original equipment and aftermarket have no noticeable differences. It's imperative that you get a proof of purchase for your original equipment part to have a warranty. We have spoken with all of our local vendors and none can confirm the warranty. It will serve your best interests to use a trusted auto glass replacement shop familiar with Mopar's policies regarding Jeep windshield replacement.

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